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Formed in September 2012, BADFOOD is a group consisting of three London based practicing artists; Mark William Lewis, Adrian Aldini and Joshua Field. Our performances are about immersing the audience in overwhelming visuals and sounds, submerging them in something they don't feel is labelled, readily packaged but yet stands alone, unexplained. Each member contributes sound, video, text, assemblage etc. in a collaborative effort towards a unique aesthetic character: One may use 'BADFOOD' as an adjective. Sound and footage is obtained, edited, re-inserted, repeat; text is boomed through surround sound speakers and screeched through megaphones like an authoritarian voice broadcast through a tannoy system. Instrumentation is invented and existing guitars and keyboards inventively modified. The audience is implicated only under the terms that BADFOOD sets. Each performance takes its own course, created in direct engagement with a space and the objects used for that performance. We work with bringing back to life what is seemingly dead; using the waste from the mass-consumerist condition that we witness around us, reclaiming lost and forgotten spaces, recollecting objects and equipment and using them to create sounds and visuals in a way that was not originally intended giving them a new context and purpose.

The preamble and promotion of our shows is embedded in and crucial to the resulting performance. We make our presence felt and have always attempted to integrate ourselves in the communities surrounding our shows. We see the act of recycling, and the nature of the objects we choose as starting points for conversations and promotion as we drag these objects through the surrounding neighbourhoods. 

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